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Updated: Nov 8, 2023

SKINvestment (Noun.) refers to the dedicated process of investing time, effort and coins into your skincare routine to attain healthy, radiant, and supple skin. At STEAM Beauty & Wellness Spa, we firmly believe that taking care of your skin is a valuable investment.

We are eager to join you on your journey towards skin rejuvenation and renewal. We strongly advise starting with a Skin Consultation Experience. This comprehensive experience includes an in-depth skin analysis, a tailored facial treatment, and a progressive skincare strategy. You will receive a detailed skin report and personalized recommendations for skin care products to use at home.

INITIAL INVESTMENT: 1hour skin care session starting at $125, along with an estimated expenditure of $100 - $200 on skincare products to initiate your new skincare regimen.

To optimize your SKINvestment journey, we recommend using the professional-grade products recommended by your esthetician. These products contain potent active ingredients that facilitate more effective progress towards your skin revision goals. Consistent daily use of professional-grade home care products will help you maintain and protect your skin between appointments.

MONTHLY INVESTMENT: Your facial treatments may range from $50 to $300 per month. In addition, an estimated expenditure of $100 to $200 to replenish your home care products once depleted.

We suggest pre-booking an appointment with your Esthetician every 4 weeks. During these sessions, your Esthetician will reassess your skin, evaluate its condition, remove dead skin, introduce enzymes, deeper exfoliants, and active ingredients that contribute to the rebuilding and strengthening of your skin's barrier functions. As your skin condition improves, your Esthetician may recommend new products to enhance your regimen.

TOTAL SKINvestment: The overall investment in your self-care and skincare journey will vary based on your specific needs, budget, and goals. Your initial investment may start at $175.00 and gradually increase as you plan your skin revision journey. We highly recommend considering our monthly membership for additional cost savings.

To achieve radiant, glowing and healthy skin you’ll need to dedicate time to a consistent home care regimen. Allocate time for both a morning and evening skincare routine. Your evening routine will be particularly focused, incorporating a higher concentration of active ingredients to revitalize your skin cells while you sleep. Check out our Morning & Evening Routines!

To schedule our Skin Consultation Experience visit our 24/7 Booking Portal at:

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